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What can you buy with $3.00? I actually am not so sure, maybe a gallon of gas? A milkshake? What if that $3 had another use? It could secure food for a family for one day in many parts of the world. In our ministry, it also has a place. 

Many of you may know about It is a web ministry (more than a website in a similar way that a Church is more than a building) that an Albanian, Urtan, and I are engaged in. We reach out to Albanians with the gospel through the internet. Today that meant posting a simple status on our facebook page letting people know they were free to contact us with questions and we would answer. That’s it. We are here, ask away! We added a $3 advertising for 24 hours. Within one hour, three people contacted us. Two from an Islamic point of view, one who was experiencing a difficult time in her life. As I am writing this, another person has contacted us again from an Islamic background. 

$3, 4 people, 5 hours into the 24 hour campaign. It is suprising to me that something so simple as an open invitation creates such a response. Do you know that once someone sends us a message we are always in connection unless they block us or delete their facebook page? No one to date has left a converation angry at us. Many are still in connection months after they send the first message. We sent Christmas cards to Muslims this last year and they were pleased to receive them. 

I am writing this very excited and happy to see some results of hard work. I am also writing this hoping that it serves as an example of the powerful communication tools we have today and how God is leading people to respond. We need help to continue this work. It is not expensive comparing to other strategies but it is not free. There is expense and we could use financial support. Pray for the new contacts and for Urtan as he communicates the Gospel. Pray for the possibility to meet these people face to face. Ultimately, we pray that today would mark a monumental change in their lives.



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