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50 Angels…a multitude.

50 Angels…a multitude.

50 Angels…a multitude.

Christmas time has come and the kids ministries are in their busiest time. I was at one of the meetings today, where 50 kids crowded into our small room. There were two kids on every chair, lots of small children on the laps of others. Nertila, the chief children’s teacher, did an awesome job keeping their attention. She has devoted a lot of time and these kids love and respect her.


I was asked to plan a craft for today. After scouring Pinterest for simple Christmas crafts that could be completed with the limited resources we find in Korca, I landed on a sweet little angel. Yesterday, I prepared the materials for the three kids meetings, enough for 90 angels.


As I cut cupcake papers and pipe cleaners, items unavailable to us here but I happened to have on hand from the US, I had an idea. It would be a tremendous help to these kids programs and the teachers to receive craft kits. I think it could be a great project for a youth group or church looking for a way to get more involved. Of course, it wouldn’t fit every ministry, but where a local church is at work, there is usually some sort of kids ministry.


In our location, craft supplies are very limited, we don’t even find popsicle sticks or paper plates, which it seems like 50% of kids craft projects I find online need. The materials we do find are expensive compared to how cheap they can be found back at home. I sincerely enjoy the challenge of making things work with what we’ve got, and I’m proud of some of the things we’ve been able to make. The kids do not have much arts and crafts experience and they absolutely love it when we get to do something creative. Even teenage boys get into it! It’s usually complete chaos, but so worth it all, in the end.


Today, with our multitude of kids, it was certainly chaotic as usual, but it turned out quite nicely. The angels have Luke 2:14 written on them, “Glory to God in the highest!” We talked about angels’ roles to bring news and to praise God and that with Christmas coming, these little angels can remind us of that the celebration coming is not about ourselves or gifts or feasting, but about Christ and his greatness. Please pray for the Christmas celebrations coming up on the 24th and 25th, for Nertila who is organizing it all, and for all the kids that we will encounter and we hope will continue coming past the holiday season. And just let me know if you would be interested in assembling craft kits!


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