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Easter in Mborja

Easter in Mborja

Easter in Mborja


The small church plant we lead is reaching out to its community and has invited several neighborhood families they are friends with to a dinner tomorrow evening. It’s an Easter celebration (our area follows the Orthodox calendar, which observes Easter a week later) and we are excited to share a traditional Albanian feast and the meaning of Easter with many. We expect about 100 people. This is a huge endeavor for the small group of people that we are. But we have been in prayer and everyone has been working together well. Things are as organized as possible in this country with people whose strength is not organization and planning and resources are limited.

This is what the shopping list for a 100-plate Albanian feast looks like:
Cabbage – 10 heads
Lettuce – one sack
Cucumbers – 10kg
Tomatoes – 5kg
Onions – 2 kg
Potatoes – 50kg
Lemons – 1 kg
Apples – 15 kg
Bananas – 105 (one box)
Oranges – 10kg
Eggs – 60
Beef – 35kg
Cake – 120 pieces
Bread – 15 loaves
Tsatziki – 5 kg
Cheese – one wheel
Coke, Fanta, red wine, water – a lot

We are once again awed at God’s provision. We received two unexpected donations to our ministry just as planning for this event began. Together these donations cover our budgeted need almost exactly. We are borrowing equipment and table service from the Church in Korca. A team of 12 people from Germany have come on a mission trip at the perfect time and will be helping prepare before, serve during, and clean-up afterwards. Tonight we had a frustration, but we know God will provide. The butcher where we had placed an order decided, without calling to check and confirm, that we would not be coming to pick up our order and did not fill it. So, in the morning Kenny will be searching for beef. Thank goodness we know at least the night before!
Tomorrow will be a crazy day of running around and gathering and preparing and we know everyone will be pushed to their limits. Will you pray for our day ahead? Pray that it all comes together in the end and it is a testimony to the personal activity of God in each of us and together as the Church. We will focus on community and conversation, but will also have a short message about Easter’s importance and why we are celebrating. Pray for Ylli, the newest Believer among us who is growing into a worship leader before us and will be playing the guitar and sharing his testimony. Pray that new Believers are added to our growing church plant through this outreach. We’re very excited and will let you know the outcome.


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