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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Albania?

The need for evangelism is clear in Albania, as it is in every country through all times. God called us to minister in Europe but we were not sure exactly where. In July of 2010 we traveled to Ukraine, Albania and Romania. From that trip we prayed and felt God moving us to work in Albania.

What is church planting?

Church planting is the process of evangelizing and gathering people in a community for the express purpose of fulfilling the great commission. We will seek to establish local churches that have their own leadership and teacher. For us, the local church is defined as follows:

“A local church is an organized body of baptized believers, led by a spiritually qualified shepherd, affirming their relationship to the Lord and to each other by regular observance of the Lord’s Supper, committed to the authority of the Word of Go, gathering regularly for worship and the study of the Word, and turned outward to the world in witness”

– Tom Julien, “The Essence of the Church,” Evangelical Missions Quarterly (April 1998): 148-49, 152

Will the churches you plant be affiliated with any denomination?

We will plant churches that meet the definition from the previous question. As to denominations, that is a mark of a significantly more mature church. The history of the Church is long and denominations stem from a theological or other difference that results in the felt need to specify or emphasize certain doctrines or dogmatic structures. In the end, the question of denomination rests not with us as planters, but the church as a congregation and community. If the church would elect to join a specific denomination it will be their decision, though we will certainly be a part of the process if the church would ask or request advice on it.
Personally, Heather and I have been influenced from several denominations as a result of life circumstances but do not champion one over another. We are followers of Christ first and foremost.

Why do you need support, can you get a job there?

The answer is yes technically we could, though there are several reasons to not get a job. For one, the work of an evangelist is work and full-time work at that. Though we are not pastoring a church, we will be discipling and modeling teaching to the church and our time is best spent on these efforts rather than working. Also, there are pitfalls to having a separate job. The first being that it would be a distraction. Secondly, by taking a job we may be taking a job away from an Albanian who would need the work to support their life. Politically, a work visa is also difficult to obtain, though we don’t doubt God’s ability to provide if that is how we felt led.

Is Albania a Muslim country?

Yes and no. Albania statistically is 70% Muslim, however it is more accurate to say most Albanians are secular. What religion they have they do not practice heavily or devote a significant amount of time in adhering to the regulations and festivals that a practicing Muslim would.

Where is Albania?

Albania is located north of Greece and east of the “heel” of Italy. There is a map on the right you can zoom in and out of to get a better idea or visit the Albania page.

How long will you be there?

We will stay as long as God leads. As of now, we intend to be in Albania for a good portion of our lives. We will return home as necessary but we are giving our life for the service of the kingdom.

Are you going with a sending organization?

Yes. We are working with Kontaktmission. There are several reasons for partnering with this specific organization. Learn about more on the Kontaktmission page.




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