Kenny and Heather Haggard

I drive now.

I drive now.

I drive now.

I drive now. I have lived in Albania four and a half years and I finally drive. My list of excuses for not driving was long…1. manual car 2. pedestrians use the road more than sidewalks 3. poor, narrow roads 4. We need the exercise … etc, etc. It just seemed more stressful than useful. The strength of my excuses began to seriously dwindle a couple months ago when my husband, suffering appendicitis, had to drive himself three plus hours to the hospital to have his appendix removed. It was clear that I needed to suck it up and get behind the wheel.

So Kenny had taken me about the city for lessons here and there, but yesterday was my first solo run. I drove up to Mborja to pick up some women for a meeting in the city, then back to deliver them home afterwards. They were so sweet to pray for me and encourage me all along the way. We made it to the meeting with no trouble! The way back I killed it going uphill and took four attempts to get going again. Their presence really helped me to keep my head and not freak out.

I had done the same thing a couple times earlier in the day practicing with Kenny in the passenger seat in the instructor role. The first time I gave up; with a growing line of cars behind me, I did freak out. I jumped out and we switched. The next time, I threw a little fit, “Why do we have to have a stick shift anyway?!” I was a pretty terrible student, but he’s the most patient ever.

It will be really good to be able to drive to my stuff. I didn’t mind taking public transportation except that taxis don’t take you until their car is full and I always seem to just miss the bus, which doesn’t follow a schedule. It was a little troublesome. Right now, my “stuff” is Mborja women’s meeting on Monday evenings and Morava women’s English Group on Thursday mornings. I’m also focusing on activities for the children of the church members during the evening meetings. Our friend Nertila is babysitting the girls at home two nights in the week, and one morning to free me up to do my stuff. The girls love her and I feel completely comfortable leaving them in Nertila’s hands. It is so good to get away from them a little and be fully present in my meetings.

Thankful for…our car, Kenny’s patience, ministry opportunities, Nertila.
Praying for…safety, growth of the women and children.


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