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Quick Points

  • “Une dhe Zoti” literally translated means “I and God”
  • Pronounced: “oon they Zo-tee” (oon as in soon)
  • Work began in November 2013
  • conference and launch of website April 2014 in Wisla, Poland
  • First online contact to attend a local church in November 2014
  • August 2015, hosted a media camp with a team from Northeast Christian Church in Rockford, IL
  • July 2017, opened a coffee shop and guest house, “Simple”, to help support the ministry.

media camp

In partnership with, Kenny and Urtan are developing, the Albanian language version of the web ministry.The ministry is all about using internet tools for a clear and engaging presentation of the Gospel, offering seekers an opportunity to accept the Gospel or ask any questions they still have about God and Jesus.

It’s the strategic, intentional and relational follow-up that makes this ministry unique and effective. Follow-up ranges from enrollment in a web course for continued learning about Jesus to immediately finding a local church.

The key measure of success is continued engagement of seekers in a local church. You can see some statistics of the ministry network and real-time decisions to follow Christ.

For a comparision, you can visit the English version of the “Knowing God” website for an idea of what is like.

Stats from network of Websites, including

Key Elements:

  1. A relevant, flexible website with high quality design and content.
  2. Strong presence in Social media that is ever changing.
  3. Staff and a volunteer network of mentors who will help place the seeker into a local fellowship.
  4. Strategic ad-campaigns.
  5. Faithful support in prayer and giving financially.


Tanifamily (2)Urtan is Kenny’s partner and director of the ministry. He guides the strategy and follow-up to contacts.

He is a faithful member and respected leader in the local church in Korca, Albania. He takes turn preaching in the church and leads the young adult group.

Urtan is married to Elsida and they have a little girl, Serena. Urtan is passionate about using media to reach Albanians for Christ. Through this project, God is drawing Urtan into His (and his) calling.

Urtan is part of the Kontaktmission Albania team. His responsibilities as a full-time part of the team include his current role in the Church leadership and development of the “Knowing God” website in the Albanian language. In the future he hopes to expand to other media forms.

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for Urtan as he develops into a new role of leadership
  2. Pray that we would find and train the right mentors.
  3. Pray for the finances to support Urtan and advertising necessary to reaach the public.
  4. Pray for the coffee shop and guest house to be be successful and provide a new avenue of financial support to the ministry.
  5. Pray for an out-sized impact of the advertising for the site.

Financial Need:

The minimum budget for operations is 1,700 a month, or about $55 per day. This supports Urtan as staff and the money necessary to conduct advertising campaigns through the internet and print media.

If you want to give, fill in the form you will be contacted with instructions or you can use the giving options through Kontaktmission.

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