Kenny and Heather Haggard

The Mission

God has been working in Albania for centuries. We are joining the Spirit at work to develop communities (churches) of people committed to knowing and growing in a relationship with Christ.

The simplest explanation for our mission is the same one for every community that has ever existed under Christ, “Go therefore and make disciples…” The methods, the connection to Kontaktmission, and the details all add up to this command of Christ.

We know the journey of discipleship is much more than an initial commitment to Jesus. There is a need and a demand throughout the scriptures for a community, a body with many parts with Christ at the head. We feel called to work towards meeting this need by planting churches.

Henry Venn, a protestant missionary in the 19th century developed the “Three-Selfs”; three fundamental characteristics of a local or indigenous church.

A local church is…

  • Self-governing
  • Self-financing
  • Self-reproducing

We plan to establish sustainable, church-planting churches. In a country of three million people and only 30,000 Christians, the work must be spread out and when church plants begin to establish churches, the Gospel will spread!

Korça, Albania

It’s a beautiful place in a beautiful country! Korca is situated in the Southeast near the border with Greece. We are working in two villages around Korca, Mborje and Drenova to establish churches. Neither village has a church and so we are laboring to establish communities of faith.

Kenny is also involved in building a web based ministry,, aimed at reaching Albanians through the internet and connecting them to a local church in their area.

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