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The Plan (incl. Fundraising Goal)

The Plan (incl. Fundraising Goal)

Thanks for even ending up here reading this post! There are thousands of things vying for our attention and I am grateful for the next few minutes you will spend here.

I want to share with you a general plan for our time in the States and make sure that we get a chance to catch up with our many friends, family and church supporters and also let you know about some specific ways you can help up through this important time by letting you know our fundraising goal.

We’ve been on the field now for five and a half years and this is our second trip back to update on the progress of our work in Albania. A lot has happened and to say it shortly, successes and failures are both bigger which is normal. Heather and I both feel a lot more worn out and tired than the last trip home. Years away in a foreign country and culture tend to do that.

In August, we will get to spend time with Heather’s family and also mine in Seattle, WA. All while organizing for September where will be visiting churches near and far. Finally October is fairly open but the plan is to make sure we have accomplished meeting with supporters and resting up, getting ready for the return to Albania.

Besides the many needs in Albania, one of the first that we really need your help with is supporting us to attend some events in the states that will help us get charged up again. There are two events we are hoping to attend, Momcon (Heather) in Kansas City, MO on the 23rd and 24th of September and then both of us would like to attend Catalyst in Atlanta, GA on the 5th and 6th of October. We are looking forward to being able to receive rather than constantly giving out over these days; however we do not have the money to attend these events personally or in our ministry fund.

The cost for attending and traveling to these events is $1,000. So the first ask I have is to make a special donation to our ministry fund to help us attend these events.

Besides the conferences, our trip home is much more expensive this time due to our growing family and overall we expect the cost to be about $6000. Our plane tickets cost $4100 and we expect through traveling and speaking to spend another $1,900.

Total… $7000 for those keeping track.

Finally, our general ministry budget is very low at the moment and that is mostly due to the building project in Mborje. We purchased the building in 2016, and made a big push to reinforce the building that summer. This year we finally moved in but the building is in no way near complete. Even though we have moved in we are lacking basic things such as a bathroom, tiled floor, and finished ceiling. We are hoping to raise another $5,000 immediately and another $10,000 in commitments through December of 2018 to start work on the Children’s area.

Ok, adding up that means $22,000. $12,000 before we get back to Albania and another $10,000 over the next year.

I want to get this part out in the open so that there is no confusion. It seems imposing to me personally, but I also know the reality of what God is doing in Albania and hope to share that personally with you. I am boldly asking you to contribute to this fundraising goal. It will involve many people, perhaps it means giving in ways that are new and uncomfortable but we have never done anything in Albania on our own. The sacrifice of our lives in Albania combined with those of you here have made something extremely beautiful possible.

If you already know you are able to make a contribution to this goal, please take this opportunity right now. Until we reach the goal, it is my role to humbly ask and so I will be doing that throughout our time in the States.

God Bless,
Kenny Haggard

I would love any communication via email, Facebook etc. regarding more detailed questions for the fundraising goals and our financial picture for the ministry.

Here are some ways you can respond directly:


By Mail

Kontaktmission USA
P.O. Box 825
Humboldt, TN 38343

Please make checks out to “Kontaktmission USA” and include a separate note with our names and “Fall 2017” so we know your intentions.

Online via Paypal

Paypal is a great way to give, there is another option to give electronically through an automatic debit which would be recurring. The form and instructions are here.

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